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Super Bowl Specials
Seafood Chowder $6.99

Ask your server for more info.

Daily Curry $13.99
Ask your server for more info.  
Embassy Chili $10.99
Big bowl of hot chili served with garlic bread, grated cheese and side homemade hot sauce.  
Chili Hot-Dog $12.99
Grilled jumbo hot dog topped with our chili, cheese, bacon & waffle fry, served with onion rings.  
Gaspor BBQ Pork $14.99

Smoked BBQ Gaspor pork served with our BBQ sauce. Served with fries and coleslaw.


Fried Chicken & Waffles $15.99
Two pieces of fried chicken and two Belgian waffles, served with three side sauces: maple syrup butter sauc, onion gravy and fruit & fire hot sauce.  
Embassy Beef Dip $15.99
Sliced roasted beef on a 7-inch ciabatta bun with au jus. Served with curly fries and a side of spicy eggplant and sundried tomato.  
Kimchi & Shrimp Burger $15.99
6oz spicy shrimp patty, seared & garnished with daikon slaw, crushed wasabi-pea mayo, rested between two kimchi pancake buns. Served with side pickled-cucumber & algae salad.  
Embassy Crab Roll $17.99
Crab in a Portguuese roll with a mango & pasion-fruit mayo. Served with tater tots.  
Rib Steak & Fries $18.99
8oz grilled prime rib steak, topped with onion rings. Served with fries and peppercorn sauce on the side.  
Key Lime Pie $5.99

Chips $4.99
Basket of our popular French fries (add curry sauce $1.00)  
Fried Calamari $11.99
Baby squid dusted in seasoned flour and served with spicy mayo  
Chicken Wings with choice of sauce $10.99
(sweet chilli, honey garlic, mild, medium, or hot) Includes veggies and blue cheese dip  
Nachos $12.99
Served with guacamole, salsa, and sour cream (add chicken $3.50)  
Chicken Fingers $10.99
Served with fries and sweet chili sauce  
Pulled Pork Poutine $10.99
Served with a large portion of pulled pork, cheese and gravy  
Embassy House Salad $8.99
Mixed green tossed with house vinaigrette, Roma tomatoes, European cucumber and mandarins (add chicken $3.50) (add 3 shrimp $5.00)  
Embassy Caesar Salad $9.99
Crisp romaine tossed with herb croutons, bacon and grated parmesan (add chicken $3.50) (add  
Main Dishes  
Embassy Cheeseburger $10.99
Beef burger topped with cheddar cheese, pickle, lettuce, tomato, and onion. Served with fries, salad, or half and half.  
Embassy Vegetarian Burger $9.99
Soy based patty served with pickle, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a side of tzatziki. Served with fries, salad, or half and half.  
BBQ pulled pork sandwich $10.99
Served with mozzarella cheese on ciabatta bread. Served with fries, salad, or half and half.  
Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap $11.99
Grilled chicken with bacon, lettuce and Caesar dressing. Served with fries, salad, or half and half.  
Corned Beef Sandwich $12.99
Served with cheddar cheese and grainy mustard mayo on a burger bun. Includes pickle and side of coleslaw.  
Fish & Chips $12.99
2 large pieces of beer-battered haddock with tartar sauce and coleslaw.  
Shepherd's Pie $12.99
A traditional layered dish of seasoned ground beef, mashed potato and creamed corn. Served with house salad and gravy on the side.  
Turkey Club $14.99
Sliced turkey topped with cranberry mayo, bacon, lettuce and tomato on an old-fashioned bun. Served with curly fries.  
Tuna and Avocado Tartar $15.99
6oz of tuna mixed with season yogurt avocado, topped with black sesame, cucumber, red pepper and lemon sesame oil. Served with fries and crostini.  
Corned Beef & Cabbage $15.99
Braised corned beef served with boiled cabbage and mash, topped with grainy mustard sauce.  
Maple-Glazed Salmon $15.99
Pan-seared Atlantic salmon (6oz) deglazed with pure Maple syrup and served with basmati rice & market vegetables.  
Gaelic Style Flank Steak $16.99
Served with creamy mushroom onion & whiskey sauce and fries  
Baby Back Ribs $26.99
Baby Back Ribs served with our "Jack 'n Coke" BBQ sauce. Served with fries and coleslaw.  
Desserts - served with vanilla ice cream  
Deep-Fried Mars Bar $4.99
Beer-battered Mars bar, fried and served with a light drizzle of caramel and sweet chili sauce.  
Apple Cake $4.99
With Jameson sauce.  
Double Chocolate Brownie $4.99




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